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Twin Flames: More Love Poems - Kanta Bosniak

This is the fourth book from Kanta's 'Love Collection' and I am impressed, in fact I have these books in my bedroom as I believe that just by reading a couple each night can work wonders to try and break down the walls I have built over the years around my own heart. 

You are greeted by carefully thought out symbolic hand drawn pictures each with its own meaning.  Which nicely leads you into the spiritually led, fun and witty, off the wall uplifting poems by the author, each providing suggestions/hints/triggers to learning to love ourselves and embracing the life we are given for all it is.

I feel that Kanta is growing herself as she writes the poems in the collection as she prompts the reader to open their heart, to love and receive love.  I found that the strength of a word in a sentence can pull at you as you realise that is where you are now, highlighting the need for change.

There can be only one outcome on reading Kanta's books, a feeling of joy and page by page either your heart begins to open or if you are already at that stage you treasure and seek more of the love you have.

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