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Universe 101: Learn Grow Evolve - Monica Ortiz

This is a book that I will find myself reading again and again, not because I didn't understand it, as it was easy to follow, but because I want to be reminded and guided further.  It's only a small book at 98 pages but it is packed with valuable insight.  Loving books on a spiritual level I found that I connected with it straight away.

The author has used her spiritual skills to guide the reader to truly improve themselves, inside and out, and those around them. She guides you to dig deep and find your own unique 'real you', your Core, who you are meant to be in this life on earth. 

The book is very easy to understand and follow, reminding the reader of the true values of life.  We tend to live our lives rushing from one thing to the next never taking full notice of what we are doing or who we are with.  I felt and agreed from reading the authors words that we lack traditional human values we once had, where people respected and looked out for each other and treated each other with pure kindness, exactly how we would want to be treated ourselves.  A need for a kinder world and how to play our part is definitely what you will get from reading this.

I particularly enjoyed reading about spiritual baggage and how unresolved issues from past lives can be brought into our current life.  Certain chapters may jump out to you more where you feel you are lacking and need to improve mostly on.  The chapter on Entitlement especially made me think quite hard about how my children are given material things far too easily and how this 'not having to work for it' attitude can be carried into their adult life.

Each chapter relates to certain areas to improve on such as Spiritual Baggage, Relationships, Loving Yourself, Universal Responsibility, Judgment to name a few.  All are split into three areas 'The Teaching' which explains why the topic is important and how this may be done, 'The Lesson' where the author uses her own related experiences to reiterate the what we need to learn and 'The Learning' to show how we may do this and improve our ways.

Reading about the authors close connection we her granddad brought back fond memories of the time I spent with my granddad before he passed and I enjoyed this part too.

This is a real thought provoking book that you can not read without making mental notes of improvement and how we can help our universe evolve.

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