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A Widow Redefined - Kim Cano
Reading A Widow Redefined you will be taken on a a gentle journey of deep loss, an unusual but necessary friendship and hope.  This isn't a fast paced read, it is a rather realistic, mellow read that keeps you reading to find what is going to happen next.  Fondness of the characters is easily found which tends to be the case with Kim Cano's writing.  This is the second book I have read by Kim, completely different from each other in the pace, yet pleasantly engaging.
Amy is a young grieving widow having lost her treasured husband, Justin.  The three things that are keeping her together are the loving memories,  her young son, Tyler, and her mom as together they try to get through the heartache. 
I was immediately thrown into the turmoil of the story when Amy discovers yellow daffodils left at her husbands graveside on Valentines Day.  I could seriously feel the burning jealous torment of thinking the worst possible outcome.   Imagine the thoughts that must go through your mind, thinking you may have been betrayed yet not been able to clear it up by asking.  
Deciding that she cannot rest until she finds out the truth she turns detective without telling a soul, keeping her emotions hidden.  The detective trails leads to a rather glamorous, wealthy woman called Sabrina that Justin had worked for.  Amy is met with open arms of friendship that she strangely accepts, yet are things so straightforward?  You will find a continuing undercurrent to the story that pulls at your curiosity.
A lovely tale to read, reinforcing just how special your loved ones are, how you should make the most of every single moment you have with them that money certainly cannot buy.  A story of hope, after such a loss your life can be happy again.
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