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Anyone who loves dogs and animals will thoroughly enjoy this book

Dog-Ma, the Zen of Slobber - Barbara Boswell Brunner

Anyone who loves dogs and animals will thoroughly enjoy this book, you will find the authors love, compassion and kindness to her dogs unconditional and the sacrifices both her and her husband make are unbelievable.

Reading the book will make you laugh out loud at the antics of the dogs, I especially liked the one about the two dogs escaping on a daily basis to visit an old couple who would feed them and them bring them back home, which had been going on for months unbeknownst to the author and her husband.

As a dog lover you will just fall in love with all the dogs, as each character trait is described humorously and is taken as part of the package to not only the couple but to all dogs owners out there.  You will also cry and feel the sadness as the author explains the illness and the ultimate demise of her dogs. 

This is a truly honest and emotive account of how much one couple love their dogs and how they mean the world to them.  This is one book that anyone who has owned a dog will relate to and you will find yourself recognizing some of the traits and exploits in your own dogs. An excellent read.

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