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The Angry Woman Suite - Lee Fullbright

A very strong and potent story with emotive scenes which will touch on every human feeling.

The writers style is unique and classic which will appeal to a large range of readers and is one of the best novels I have read this year.  The author has created a masterpiece which revolves around three different characters whose life's are interlinked and the circumstances and historic behaviours which make the people who they are today.

A very descriptive writing around human nature and how family traits and influences from ancestors or matriarchs can pave our future . The excellent prose gives the reader a lot to imagine and paints a scene that you can easily see and feel that you are there as an extra .  This story is full on and will make the reader become upset in certain parts which only adds credence to the novelist bravery in tackling some issues others would shy away from.

The touching point for me about this book is the fact that all the characters are on a journey to find out where they belong as well as trying to establish an identity which is what I am trying to do in my own life.

An excellent read and one of the best novels I have read and this was due to the authors unique style of writing and the reality factor within the story.

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