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A unique, well thought out, beautifully illustrated treasured book

"If I Should Die Before My Dog -- " - Joe Connolly, Cathy Connolly

Out of all the books I have reviewed this must be the most important and special book of them all.  Almost all dog owners, including myself, never want to think about the unimaginable heartbreaking and devastating event of not being there to love and care for their dog.  It will certainly make you think, especially after reading Mandy's and Bob's sudden change of circumstances.  With no explanation or way to communicate 'why', the only thing we can do is to ensure that, in our own words, they will be loved and cared for to the highest possible degree by giving as much information to the next carer as possible.

The book may be emotional to look through and complete, it was for me especially when one of my dogs was laid next to me as I was reading it, but it will also make you smile with some of the memories that you fill in.  Two parts to the book certainly made me smile - Words I Know for example Ice-Cream and My Bad Habits and How To Prevent Them, especially as it shows a Labrador with a trainer in it's mouth just like my Border Terrier. 

If allowed, my Border Terrier, can be extremely naughty and temperamental so it is vital that any new owner knows how to tackle his behaviour and can show him who the boss is from the start.  For my Border Collie she is a very shy and nervous lady and I need to put across how she reacts and tries to control this herself.

There are some absolutely beautiful illustrations in the book, my particular favourite is a picture of an angel being shown the dogs treasured life story by the owner as the dog sits next to them. Words of wisdom and information are also part of the book as you read through each part.  There is also a beautiful worded note from the dog to it's new owner towards the back along with extra pages titled 'Special Things From My Human'.

As well as vital information such as medical history, insurance cover, personality, food and snack preferences, the book also covers those special intimate details about their characteristics, how they like to be groomed, do they like to be held,  habits, do they like the phone and so on.

A unique, well thought out, beautifully illustrated treasured book for all dog lovers which can also be kept as a loving memory of your dogs life, if you never have to use it's main purpose. 

Source: http://beckvalleybooks.blogspot.com