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Revised Orders - Irene Helenowski
I couldn't wait to start this book especially since I was so engrossed with the first book in the series which you can read my review here 
The power struggle continues as Anton Zelov continues to crave revenge, power and world domination. Behind it all is the most powerful black box to be invented, called the multiverser, which can be used to travel into other dimensions of life, where you life and everything about it is completely different and is lived by your 'alter'.  Only now the scientists have invented ways to change co-ordinates and more worryingly without the user knowing in certain circumstances.
Jane, who loves her sweetheart Randy is also the love of infactuated Anton's life.  As she celebrates her latest achievements she is encouraged by her colleague to take a short trip in the multiverser but little did she know that Anton would hijack it and take her to another dimension where she is no longer married to Ritchie with two lovely children.  She is now Anton's nanny with no knowledge of her previous life.
When Randy realises, the cat and mouse chase begins, in and out of numerous dimensions, different lives and scenarios.  Will Randy and the Federation finally be able to stop the viciously clever and sneaky Anton and rescue Jane?
Yet again the author has baffled me with how she puts this all together and manages to keep on top of it to keep the story interesting and alive.  I did have to flick back a few times to keep up myself but that's the beauty of being involved in the chase.  I found myself  looking forward to every moment available to read more and the short chapters didn't help when trying to put the book down.  
I would definitely recommend reading the first book, Order of the Dimensions, first as it's a great introduction to the fantastic characters in the wonderful storyline.
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