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Smile at Your Challenges: It Takes More Than Just Going Gluten-Free, Drinking Green Juice, and Practicing Yoga to Solve Your Problems - Danielle Pashko
After a sad and troubled start to her life the author is a wonderful example of how things can turn around, how you can achieve what you truly want in life and be happy.
Through her own experiences she guides you to think about what it is that you feel you are missing or that you need in order to feel satisfied and happy or even what it is that your ignoring, fearing it will hurt you in some way.  She explains that you can do as much as you want to try to be happy but it's the inner you, the very core of you, that needs to find true happiness before you will start to feel any real benefits.
'Love', 'community', 'social', 'time for yourself' - all things I've read before and highlighted that I need to improve and work on yet here I am again highlighting them.  It has certainly been a good push to look at those areas of need again and consider changes in all areas of life.  
An empowering quick read with friendly advice to inspire you to find out who you really are and of course - to smile inside and outside!
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