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Final Orders - Irene Helenowski
The third book in the series and just had to read this immediately after finishing book 2. You can read my reviews on book 1 here and book 2 here
Things get worse, power creates a darker vicious controller, Anton is now President and completely out of control.  The Order discards certain dimensions on a whim leaving them non existent, these null dimensions are where anyone caught breaking the law would be sent or even their parents.   We also learn of red dimensions - forced labour and forced to live in slum like conditions.  Anton and The Order were becoming ruthless and cruel in everything they did and you certainly see the darker side as you read.
How on earth was all this going to end?  What would it take?  It is down to one person who has to make the biggest decision of their life, especially when their current life is happy and they are completely unaware of what a loved one is really capable of in other dimensions, until they are shown.....
More of a story line in this book than the chase in the second book but don't expect the pace to slow down, you may be flicking back to check things out and keeping up with this amazing author.  You connect with the characters feeling their pain, grief and sadness.  Although it's hard to believe you even feel for Anton when you read about his sadness.
I would suggest reading all the books in order to really get a tight grip of who is who and the full background of the story to really enjoy the final book to an awesome series.
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