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Hazardous Material - Kurt Kamm

This is the second book I have read by this author, the first being Code Blood which was first rate, the sign of a great author is making the novels fresh and different whilst entertaining the reader.

The writer gives a really good synopsis of his past life and where he draws and uses his inspirations from. This really shines through and by using real people and events with no soft soap you can relate to the situations and the experiences in which the main character is facing and feeling.

The story revolves around Bucky Dawson who is determined to find out what happened to his dead sister and along the way brings him into contact with two rival motorcycle gangs and a world of drug taking, which endangers his own life.

The aspects and ways of the motorcycle gangs are expertly described with hard hitting and gritty facts with startling results again are testimony to the authors research and knowledge.

What makes the difference in a book or novel for myself is the message that the writer is trying to portray or get across.  I think in the message here is that everyone has a different way of coping or getting through the day whether its being a member of a gang which gives you security and comradeship or by taking certain pills to help-you survive.  The story also makes you really think about what action you would actually follow if someone hurt a member of your family, what lengths would you go to find out the truth?

The author is one that I am now following and hopefully will get a chance to read further works because his writing is down to earth, close to the heart and involves real life situations.

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