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Book Bargains, FREE BOOKS, New Releases

Book Bargains, FREE BOOKS, New Releases, what you waiting for? Grab them now!
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Super huge ltd time sale going on!

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Super huge ltd time sale going on from Melissa Foster. USA TODAY BESTSELLER & fan favorite, TRU BLUE is now $1.99, reduced from $4.99, saving $3!! Imagine falling in love with a man, then finding out he was a killer...
And remember, TRULY, MADLY, WHISKEY is SALE priced at $3.99 and will increase shortly after release (10th April)
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In TRU BLUE.....
He wore the skin of a killer, and bore the heart of a lover...
There's nothing Truman Gritt won't do to protect his family--Including spending years in jail for a crime he didn't commit. When he's finally released, the life he knew is turned upside down by his mother's overdose, and Truman steps in to raise the children she's left behind. Truman's hard, he's secretive, and he's trying to save a brother who's even more broken than he is. He's never needed help in his life, and when beautiful Gemma Wright tries to step in, he's less than accepting. But Gemma has a way of slithering into people's lives and eventually she pierces through his ironclad heart. When Truman's dark past collides with his future, his loyalties will be tested, and he'll be faced with his toughest decision yet.

Stock up your shelves with our FREE & bargain books plus new releases & pre-orders!

Stock up your shelves with our FREE & bargain books plus new releases & pre-orders!



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Book Review - Essential Readings and Study Guide: Poems about Social Justice, Women's Rights, and the Environment by KV Dominic

K. V. Dominic Essential Readings and Study Guide: Poems about Social Justice, Women's Rights, and the Environment - K.V. Dominic
The authors topics and themes he used for his poetry had me gripped from the first to the last page. The useful question's at the end of each one, checking for understanding, is an additional bonus.

As for any poet the subject matter is key, the author writes from his heart and is not afraid to challenge and test the reader with his beliefs. No situation or emotion is left uncovered, from birth to death and love to hate, politics and religion and the one thing that touches everyones heart our love for our pets. 

When you read each individual poem it will strike a chord and make you really challenge your own morals. The honesty and integrity of the writer shines through. 

Scholars will love the scripts as it will lead to endless discussions over their interpretation of the words and meanings.





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Book Review of Don't: How Using the Right Words Will Change Your Life by Bob Selden

Don't - Bob Selden
Our Beck Valley Book Review of Don't: How Using the Right Words Will Change Your Life by Bob Selden
"The success of any book is while you are reading or discussing it with others, it gains their interest in the subject matter and they actually go out and buy it, which is what has happened with this particular book.
While I was reading the book and incorporating the ideas and concepts the author was promoting people around me noticed the change in my language and attitude that I had adopted and wondered where it had come from. Particularly that I was using a lot of positivity and different lines of questioning to check for understanding and explanations. This was all down to reading this excellent novel which points out how we can improve communication by changing simple things.
For example when I returned home one night after a stressful day an argument was going to ensue between myself and my wife, using a technique from the book I started to question my wife "AND why do you feel like that?" This took her by surprise and made her laugh thus proving the technique works.
As I said the proof is in the pudding, in sales and interests, and I know of two people (in a management level) in my work place who have purchased this book after reading the first couple of chapters.
Useful exercises at the end of each chapter reinforce the instructions from the author and lessons we can do over and over again to not only improve ourselves but others as well.
Reading this book will make and hopefully change the way you communicate, act, and respond to anyone you come into contact with."
Read more on the #book and author here....
About the book
How using the right words will positively impact your life.
Have you ever wondered why some people seem to have all the luck? Bob Selden's new book "Don't" shows you how words impact those parts of the brain that make you either positive or negative. People who have a more positive outlook use more positive language. They see opportunities that others miss – they also generally see how these opportunities can be turned into real advantages.
* "Don't" sets out those negative words and phrases to avoid – the ones that create negative thinking in your brain and result in negative behaviour – and then suggests some words and phrases that do just the opposite. The end result? You will start to use positive words, which activate the positive parts of your brain which then results in positive behaviour.
* "Don't" will also enable you to better manage those difficult conversations that all of us have at some point. Sometimes it's a conversation we initiate, such as going to a job interview, at other times it's initiated by someone else, such as when a good friend wants help with a deep problem.
Bob Selden will challenge some of your thinking on what makes some people more successful than others – Is it luck? Upbringing? Opportunity? Or is it perhaps the words we use? Read his new book "Don't" and make the call!
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Audiobook lovers

Lookie! Audiobook lovers <3 STROKE OF LOVE is now available!
➜Amazon: http://smarturl.it/STOL_Audio
➜iBooks: http://apple.co/2n6L2Mx
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Kate Paletto runs a volunteer program in Belize for Artists for International Aid, where she deals with self-centered artists who use the program as a means to repair their marred reputations. She loves the country, the people, and what AIA stands for, but too many diva volunteers have turned her off to press-seeking celebrities altogether and left her questioning the value of the volunteer program. When she meets incredibly handsome and charming Sage, he stirs emotions she hasn't felt for ages, even though he represents the things she despises.

Laid-back artist Sage Remington escapes his wealthy lifestyle in the Big Apple for a two-week journey of self-discovery to figure out how a guy who has so much can feel so empty. When he meets ultra-organized Kate, who lives her life the way he's always dreamed of living his, the attraction is too hot to ignore, but Sage is there to figure out what's missing in his life, not to find a woman.

Every look, and every late-night chat in the romantic jungle brings them closer together, but Sage can barely think past stripping away Kate's misconceptions about him. Kate fights him every step of the way--even though she finds it hard to ignore the strikingly handsome, generous-to-a-fault artist who wants to do nothing more than right the wrongs of the world--and love her to the ends of the earth.

Also available in ebook and paperback
KINDLE: http://smarturl.it/STOL_Kindle
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Hurricane in Paradise (Paradise Series) (Volume 10) - Deborah Brown
Here we go again with the exciting band of Tarpon Coves residents who take us on a rip roaring ride of excitement, love, relationships and a deep commitment to a close knit group.  The beauty of the books is how creative and ingenuous the author is in keeping the novels flowing with fresh and inventive ideas. 
If you haven’t read any of the previous novels this is not a problem as the author gives an excellent synopsis of what has occurred in the previous novels. The characters go from strength to strength and become larger than life.  You cannot help but fall in love with them and want to help them get out of their scrapes, trials and tribulations.
In this particular novel poor Madison has a lot to deal when a dead body is found on her property after a hurricane, her brother has gone missing and also has to care for the eccentric folk she has let live in her cottages.  Along with her best friend Fab working for a local hood and crossing the lines of the law on several occasions a lesser woman have cracked.
The characters in Tarpon Cove could be linked to local people in your vicinity and I think that’s why I can relate strongly to the novels. The scenes and places also create vivid images of local places and when I visit them can imagine Madison and her entourage just popping up around the corner.
The tenth novel in an excellent series and is a must read for any fan of this particular genre.


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It's that time again!! Book Bargains, FREE BOOKS, New Releases

It's that time again!!
Book Bargains, FREE BOOKS, New Releases, what you waiting for? Grab them now!
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Into the Air by A. K. Downing (a young adult adventure novel) plus Signed Book Giveaway - 5 Winners!!

Into the Air - A. K. Downing
Into the Air by A. K. Downing (a young adult adventure novel) plus Signed Book Giveaway - 5 Winners!!
Like everyone else in the world, Mia Bryn lives in the dark. Buried in an underground compound, her life is spent in brief allotments of florescent light and dwindling food supplies. But when a letter arrives, Mia and her father are invited to embark on a journey that no one else has been allowed to take for over a hundred years. They are asked to leave the ground and travel into the air. But the outside world is more surprising and dangerous than Mia could have ever imagined. To survive, she must trust her instincts, learn about a world she knows nothing about, and accept her destiny.
“Downing’s Into The Air is that fresh take on the YA post-apocalyptic vision we’ve all been waiting for. Mia Bryn is a wonderful character—one who starts out charmingly mortal but soon becomes the heroine we, and her people, need her to be. Can’t wait for the next Mia chapter!” Bruce McAllister, Author of the Cybils-nominated The Village Sang to the Sea: A Memoir of Magic
“There’s a new star in the Young Adult firmament—A. K. Downing’s series, beginning with Into The Air, is sure to be a reader favorite right up there with The Hunger Games and The 100 trilogy.” Richard Snodgrass , Author of There’s Something in the Back Yard
Read more on the #book and author here...
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GET YOUR FREE COPY of SLOPE OF LOVE here! A sexy friends-to-lovers romance!

Let's CELEBRATE the impending snow storm! GET YOUR FREE COPY of SLOPE OF LOVE here! A sexy friends-to-lovers romance! Limited # of copies - Limited time - Download TODAY <3

Image may contain: 2 people, text

Olympic gold medalist skiers Jayla Stone and Rush Remington have been best friends for years. They’ve seen each other at their best and worst and have kept each other’s secrets without fail. Only there’s one secret Rush has kept close to his chest. After months of introspection, Rush realizes he’s been filling his bed but not tending to his heart. He’s changed his womanizing ways, and the only woman who can fill his heart has been right by his side all this time.

Years of intimate conversations and the sharing of hopes and dreams collide when Rush reveals his secret, and one toe-curling kiss changes everything between Rush and Jayla. They’re no match for the passion that kiss ignites, or the pull of true love. But being Rush’s best friend means knowing all about his revolving bedroom door—and Jayla has a secret of her own that could jeopardize her career and her relationship with Rush. Even their love may not be enough to overcome Rush’s past or secure Jayla’s future.

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Book Spotlight & Giveaway! Win Good Girl Bad Girl (Kal Medi #1) by Ann Girdharry Crime/suspense/thriller ebook - 2 Winners!

Good Girl Bad Girl - Ann Girdharry
Giveaway Time!!
Win Good Girl Bad Girl (Kal Medi #1) by Ann Girdharry
Crime/suspense/thriller ebook - 2 Winners!
Available Worldwide
Enter for a chance to win!!
Book Description
Has Kal got what it takes?
When her journalist mother goes missing, Kal investigates.
Kal's no fool, though sometimes she might pretend to be, because hiding her strengths is a great way to extract information.
An expert in psychology, and skilled in reading other people and their behaviours, she first learnt her craft from her deceased father. He was a man with dark secrets.
A shadow’s been stalking her family for three generations. Kal will uncover a child trafficking network and to find her mother, she'll be pushed over the limits and forced to face a horror she's been avoiding all her life…
​“a cracking read…”
"on the edge of my seat..."
"a real kick-ass heroine and a great lead character”
​"Dangerous territory for exploration in a first novel...This is a terrific start for an author who demonstrates strong promise. 5 stars."
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Our book review of NEW historical #fantasy, SCARS (Time of Myths: Shapeshifter Sagas) by Natasha Brown

Scars (Time of Myths: Shapeshifter Sagas) (Volume 1) - Natasha Brown
Our book review of NEW historical #fantasy, SCARS (Time of Myths: Shapeshifter Sagas) by Natasha Brown
plus $25 Barnes and Noble GC / Paypal Giveaway!
'a fantastic mixture of historical fiction, traditions/myths, shapeshifting fantasy, humor and romance'.......
"Scars captured me immediately, it wrapped itself around me and I literally felt as if I was there, standing as a spectator watching the daily life and events go by and I loved every minute.
I loved the historical 10th century the story was set in, the way they lived, farmed, interacted with each other along with the traditions and myths. I loved all the characters and following their life so much so that I could have happily continued reading about them, I didn't want the story to end. The author wrote in such a way that I felt the heart of the story flowed off the pages and into the readers mind with the details and descriptions being so clear.
Asta had become the head of the household and farm as her father and brother had died falling off the edge of a cliff the previous year. She is living hand to mouth and in serious debt but is determined to stay strong and not lose the farm her family had worked so hard to keep, even though something or someone else is determined to destroy the farm and her livelihood. Not only that her face was deeply scarred from a wolf attack years ago and claw marks have been found in the farms destruction, has the wolf now returned to claim her for good?
Torin also found himself without his parents and lives with his uncle, he carries heavy guilt around with him on a daily basis. One escape Torin does have is that he can shapeshift into a bird form which gives him so much power and the ability to train Gryfalcons so well.
Asta and Torin have both found themselves alone without their immediate families to look after them, events unfold and their marriage is arranged. They now find that they have each other, although both clueless to what a marriage entails, and a farm in need of saving. Will their joint forces be enough for the hidden darkness that lies beyond?
I loved Astra's strength and determination to do her best no matter what. I loved Torin's loving, caring, deep, protective character. I realize that I've used the word 'loved' so much but that's how I feel about this book. This is a fantastic mixture of historical fiction, traditions/myths, shapeshifting fantasy, humor and romance from an author who I haven't read before but certainly will be from now on.
Scars took me back to how I felt when I first became passionate about reading and I can't wait for more!"
Read more on the #book and author here...
Book Description
Along the breathtaking and unforgiving coast of Snæland, Ásta’s ancestral farm is plagued with bad luck. The kinless maiden’s turf walls continue to be found damaged, and there aren’t enough farmhands to maintain the property. Claw marks in the dirt revive old memories of the wolf attack that left her scarred, and she begins to fear the whispers are true—that Fenrir, son of Loki and king of the wolves, has come to claim her and her land.
Torin often leaves his uncle’s farm in the southern hills to track and ensnare valuable gyrfalcons. His secret ability to turn into the birds he trains means his falconry skills are unparalleled, earning him precious silver and gold. If the ghosts of his past didn’t haunt him daily, pushing him to numb his senses with drink, Torin might have married by now—as his uncle often reminds him. He knows the time has finally come to find a wife and settle down.
During the Althing, the gathering of the year, Ásta’s ability to maintain her property comes into question while Torin wonders if a woman in jeopardy of losing her farm is really worth the trouble.
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Book Bargains, FREE BOOKS, New Releases, what you waiting for? Grab them now!

Book Bargains, FREE BOOKS, New Releases, what you waiting for? Grab them now!
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New Release from Melissa Foster - A BRADEN WEDDING! $2.99

Image may contain: 6 people, people smiling


Family and babies abound during this fun-filled weekend of love, laughter, and happily ever afters! Join Josh and Riley on their big day and fall in love all over again with each of the Bradens at Weston, and their children, in this sweet and sexy wedding novella.
KINDLE: http://smarturl.it/Story_Kindle
iBOOKS: http://apple.co/2lM09py
NOOK: http://bit.ly/2mL7T09
KOBO: http://smarturl.it/Story_Kobo
GPLAY: http://bit.ly/2mtjUH1
PAPERBACK: https://www.amazon.com/dp/1941480721


IN Pursuit (An Ivy Nash Thriller, Book 2) (Redemption Thriller Series 8) - John W. Mefford

IN Pursuit by John W. Mefford (An Ivy Nash Thriller, Book 2) (Redemption Thriller Series)


The hunt is on…but who’s the one being pursued?


A serial killer is terrorizing San Antonio, and the method of murder is beyond macabre. As Ivy Nash is pulled into the case by her police detective friend, Stan, there appears to be one intersecting point between the victims—Ivy herself.


Meanwhile, Ivy and her new organization, ECHO, take on a case for a run-away teen whose parents have disappeared. Was it self-imposed, or is something more nefarious going on?


Moving at a break-neck pace, the parallel trails to stop the killer and to find the missing parents seem both murky and crystal clear. But just as Ivy believes the end is near, past transgressions are slammed in her face—and nothing will be the same.

A man wants retribution. And he’ll even saw off his own leg if it means Ivy will suffer.


Read more on the #book, series and author here...


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Special $3.99 Limited Time Offer!! Pre-Release Blitz for TRULY, MADLY, WHISKEY by Melissa Foster

Special $3.99 Limited Time Offer!! Pre-Release Blitz for TRULY, MADLY, WHISKEY by Melissa Foster
A new sexy standalone romance by New York Times bestselling author Melissa Foster.
Eight months is a long damn time to have the hots for a woman who keeps a guy at arm’s length. But Crystal Moon is no ordinary woman. She’s a sinfully sexy, sass-mouthed badass, and the subject of Bear Whiskey’s midnight fantasies. She’s also one of his closest friends.
Just when Crystal thinks she has her life under control, scorching-hot, possessive, aggressive, and fiercely loyal Bear pushes all her sexual buttons, relentless in his pursuit to make her his.
The more Bear pushes, the hotter their passion burns, unearthing memories for Crystal that are best kept buried. But there’s no stopping the collision of her past and present, catapulting the two lovers down an emotional and sexually charged road that has them questioning all they thought they knew about themselves.
Pre-order your $3.99 copy...
KINDLE: http://smarturl.it/TMW_Kindle
KOBO: http://smarturl.it/TMW_Kobo
NOOK: http://bit.ly/2gVN6QS
GPLAY: http://bit.ly/2l6BO1m
iBOOKS: http://apple.co/2kBCpVE
Also available on PAPERBACK: http://smarturl.it/TMW_pb
Read more on the #book and author here...
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