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Whirlpool - Eileen Enwright Hodgetts
A novel based round the birth of feminism in the USA and the women's freedom movement influence over the women they meet on their road trying to achieve notoriety by recruiting a widow who has debts to go over Niagara falls in a barrel. 
The language and text with short paragraphs make this a very easy read. The characters stories are individually told throughout the novel bringing them cleverly together to an exciting climax. 
The story is full of sexual tension, hidden agendas and treachery. Each individual has their own motive for what they are doing and one of them will go to any length to protect their interests. 
The author choice of a story is excellent, man and women against nature and can they achieve glory or will they fail like many before them. The research and historic details around the making of the barrel especially and the human emotion that is portrayed is first class. I enjoyed this book because it was very easy to follow with an exciting twist and protrays the real trait of humans that they will follow a cause for their own benefit.
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