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When She Smiled - Ritoban Chakrabarti

A beautiful gentle tale of innocent young love, or perhaps a one sided teenage crush. The story follows 15 year old Mrityunjoy and the the person of his admiration and love, Akanksha.

Mrityunjoy, or Roy as his friends call him, has returned to his old school, after being in a all boys Sainik school for 2 years, which is 'the' school to go to if the aim is to join the army.  Unfortunately for Roy injury ended that goal.  He is a lovely character to follow through the story, nice and honorable, you can't fail to feel his joy and sadness at times.

As he describes his home life and the wonderful scenery around him, the simpler life without the things we now take for granted it made me smile that the thought of a being rewarded with a simple can of coke would make so much excitement.  Although with harsh conditions, a strict father who saw beatings as a needed discipline to make his children stronger and who's one focus was for them to study for hours on end not everything was that good.

As Roy returns to his school, it happens, the smile of the century from a beautiful girl called Akansha.  All the boys notice her and crave to be with her yet it appears that Roy may be the lucky one or is he?

An un-hurried story of the good and bad games of teenage first love, hope and heartbreak.  Ideal read to relax with.

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