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The Dissector - L L Spriggs

When you read this book you will find certain similarities with your own working life, the dominant forces who make the decisions and look after their own interests and use information on their colleagues to maintain and further their own career and fortune.

The setting around the medical school and the descriptions of the running, teaching and feelings of the characters are first rate. The problems and issues they face in their every day routine is true to life which adds to the make up and credibility of the storyline.  Being based around a medical school the terms used are always explained making for an easy read.  The characters traits and characteristics are brilliantly described and you will be able to say that each and every one of them will remind you of someone in your own workplace.

A very enjoyable read which builds upto an excellent twist leading to a climatic end.  The author has used her experience and knowledge from her working life which is evident in the storyline to produce a great work of fiction. 

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