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Book Review - Meet Me in Nuthatch by Jacqueline T Lynch

Meet Me in Nuthatch - Jacqueline T. Lynch
When I started reading this novel I couldn't put it down, the author's style of writing and descriptions used throughout had me hooked.
When his town is suffering from lack of tourism Everett Campbell comes up with the idea of asking the towns folk to act and dress as if it is 1904.  When they all agree it attracts the attention of the media and new business as well as an offer from a theme park company to buy the whole town and employ all  of them is the answer to all their problems.
The authors real skill in this story is bringing all of the characters to life and you can envisage yourself there watching it all happening before you.  The struggle of Everett can be seen in your own life, as he struggles to build a relationship with his teenage son, tries to keep his young daughter's wishes alive whilst maintaining a healthy marriage.
The exploits, discussions and scheming which appears throughout the novel will make you smile, feel despair and most of all contemplate 'is change really a good idea'.
Even though this is a work of fiction I believe that somewhere along the line small communities who have been meandering along in their own manner and customs, have had their lives improved  by corporate companies, for their own gain, which gives the story a certain truth.
This is the first book I have read by this author and I will certainly be looking out for more of her novels from now on.
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