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When Dreams Touch - Rosemary Hanrahan

Our Book Review - When Dreams Touch by Rosemary Hanrahan 

"This is a story that will grab and entice any reader, it is extremely hard to put down not knowing what will happen next. The author's very personal connection to Haiti, it's people and the tragedies it has endured brought this extremely humbling fictional story to life.  I felt sadness and was emotional even before starting the story as I read the author's moving notes on the earthquake in Haiti and the suffering it caused. This continued and the abundance of emotions felt whilst reading this story was very real. 

Three women, from different classes and cultures, are drawn together in an amazing story striving for hope and a better future for Haiti.  Each with their own poignant story and selfless sacrifices, Kate, a doctor, Giselle, an artist and teenager Adelaide.  Although all the realistic characters gripped me, it was Kate who drew me in the most for her courage and strength to persevere in the effort to educate the people of Haiti on the prevention of HIV/Aids & unplanned pregnancies.  As the country finds itself in political chaos, earthquakes, slavery and abuse, most people would do anything to avoid the unpredictable clutches of Haiti yet the overwhelming need of the aid workers and local people to continue their mission came across very clear to the reader.

The author shows the Haiti people as having such strength, loyalty and kindness towards each other regardless of their own situations.  It is hard to imagine why medical procedures, we all take for granted in our own countries, even the simplest of things, are barren in third world countries such as Haiti.

This has to be one of the most realistic, heartfelt books I have read."

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