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Book Review - Gold by Thomas Hollyday

Gold Hollyday, Thomas ( Author ) Nov-05-2010 Paperback - Thomas Hollyday

The story revolves around the death of a priest,who has been sending funds to have a cathedral rebuilt, no one knows where the money has come from, on entrusting his legacy to a local lawyer John neale to execute his wishes.  During his investigationa trail of murder and a treasure hunt ensue with a historic relevance to where the alleged treasure is resting. 


The storyline will have you hooked from page one,the novel takes us along the path of a hidden treasure and the thrill and excitement of trying to locate it.  The language,text and short chapters give the reader plenty of time to digest the storyline.   The characters are excellently portrayed and you feel you are beside them and want to offer them your help.


The novel has several twists and turns which keep the reader guessing.  This is the third novel I have read by this author and hope to read any further work he publishes.


The author adds to the novel with the research he has done into the Native American tribe along with Inca and Mayan traditions. 


As in all good tales good verses bad who will triumph.  When or if the treasure is found who will reap the rewards.   If you like a book with mystery, murder and history this is the perfect read for you.


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