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Guest Book Review - Cape Cod Promises by +Bella Andre & +Melissa Foster

Cape Cod Promises (Love on Rockwell Island, Book 2) (Volume 2) - Melissa Foster, Bella Andre

Guest Book Review - Cape Cod Promises by  &  plus $10 Amazon GC Giveaway

"I love second chance romance, two that are still so much in love and don't even know it. Trent Rockwell and Reese Nicholson had a great love ten years ago, but the short while they were together they didn't even give theirselves long enough to even get to know each other. They were so much in love and promised each other forever. They probably got married too young, Trent was more focused on his career and making a name for himself than on his bride. He didn't have time for Reese. Eventually Reese packed up and moved back to Cape Cod even though she was still in love with Trent. She hated living in the city. Trent didn't even try to contact her so they went their separate ways without any closure.

Ten years later, Trent moved back to Cape Cod. They ran into each other literally and they both knew the chemistry was still there. All the emotions came flooding back.Trent was willing to take the risk and gamble his heart, but Reese was more cautious and took her longer to trust her feelings. She fought it for a long time and it too them awhile to get it all figured out.
If you love love stories, you will love this."

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