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New Thriller Release Today! AT Large, (An Alex Troutt Thriller, Book 2) by John W. Mefford | Author

AT Large (An Alex Troutt Thriller, Book 2) - John W. Mefford
New Thriller Release Today!
AT Large, (An Alex Troutt Thriller, Book 2) by John W. Mefford | Author
'I am always on edge, trying to be one step ahead of the author and characters and never get there with this book. The twists and turns were not ones that I could ever have anticipated.' reviews Nicki's Nook
'John Mefford has done it again--I started and finished this book in one sitting. It is sure to hold your attention as well. I whole heartedly recommend any and all of his novels and I think I have read them all!! ' reviews Miki's Hope
The pursuit of the truth. The hunt for a life.
For the first time in months, FBI Special Agent Alex Troutt feels almost normal, hanging out at a local bar with friends after work. Not long into the evening she stumbles over one of the most disturbing images she has ever seen.
And that’s only the beginning.
A body is found in Lowell, the human damage, once again, inconceivable. Hours later, another strike. Pushing heartache aside, Alex immerses herself in the investigation. But with every new clue comes a new twist.
With the killing spree drawing the attention of every intelligence and law enforcement agency in a five-state radius, Alex is forced to partner with an egomaniac from the CIA. Yet, even with limitless resources, every step forward proves to be a step too late, the kill list seemingly endless.
Once the killer makes it personal, Alex is left with no other option—she must confront the person who destroyed her life to try to cease the vicious murders. And when she finally learns the killer’s end game, every second counts if she has any hope of stopping the brutal killings.
The hunt will end. Will Alex?
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