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Book Review - Before The Belle by Cassius Mullen & Betty Byron

Before The Belle - Betty Byron, Cassius Mullen

The author has produced a novel based around historical facts and memoirs of the crew which will pull at the heart strings of any reader. Reading this narrative brought home just what these airmen did to protect and defeat the enemy in order for us to be free today.  The emotive writing gave me the sense of what it was like to be part of the crew and the immense importance of being able to trust and relay on each member of the team to do their role in order to survive. The research and time it had taken to produce this piece of work has to be commended not only for the story but bringing to light the fact that the Hot Stuff crew were the first to achieve over 25 combat missions and actually achieved 31.

A must read for any military history buff.  Full of descriptive explanations of the plane and their full workings, how relationships were made and grew and what true friendship and loyalty meant.



Source: http://beckvalleybooks.blogspot.co.uk/2016/04/book-review-before-belle-by-cassius.html