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Book Review - Once and Future Wife by David Burnett

Once and Future Wife - David  Burnett

I know I've said this before but David Burnett's stories read so well, they flow wonderfully, you feel so connected to the characters and become entranced by the storyline, they are a joy to read and extremely hard to put down.  Don't worry if you haven't read Those Children Are Ours because the author relates the main parts to the reader so this can be read completely as a stand alone read.

We are reunited with my one of my favorite characters Thomas, he is such a lovely man, he and his children have gone through so much after being abandoned by Jennie, his first wife, years earlier due to suffering from bipolar, although she didn't realize this at that time and it went untreated. Thomas and his family eventually found happiness again in their lives with Emma but sadly she passes away leaving a new born baby, Thomas and the girls distraught and left to struggle through on their own.

Jennie is now fully on the road to recovery and has turned her life around, she now enjoys loving visits from her children and is enjoying life.  On the news of Emma's death she is also left devastated as they had become friends, yet deep in her thoughts she can't help wondering if there is the slimest possibility of getting to know Thomas all over again and anything else would be an unimaginable bonus. This is also hoped for by the children but unfortunately Tasha, one of Emma's children, is far from wanting this outcome and begins her evil plan on Jennie.  She tries to persuade Jennie that it's just the medication that is keepng her in control and that she is bound to relapse one way or another and break Thomas's heart all over again.  Jennie feels threatened and is forced into a corner, contemplating stopping her treatment, risking her mental health and going back to her alcholohic man eating ways just prove to herself and Tasha that she can manage very well without it.

Another enjoyable, thought provoking and emotional read from the author, I loved the close bond of the family and found myself smiling from things they had said or done a number of times throughout the book and of course I can't forget about the nosey neighbour ready to prey on Thomas!  I did find myself again warming more to Jennie but still couldn't get past what she had put Thomas and the children through in the early years.  The author has done a great job at highlighting the thought process of somebody suffering from mental illness along with the pain that it can cause the loved ones that surround them.

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