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His Secret Life - Kim Cano

Our Beck Valley Books review of His Secret Life by +Kim Cano

"It was lovely to read such a different story on love and the difficulties faced by both sides. I'm aware of a couple of gay men who had previously been happily married for years before coming out, but I have never come across a gay man falling in love with a woman and consider changing his whole life, so I was completely intrigued by the story.

Philip works hard in the corporate world, his work and his separate life are completely separate, not really by choice but the fear of what would happen if they knew he was gay, regardless of his skills. A lot of pressure is put on his relationship with Jason as they are only allowed to enjoy their relationship behind close doors.

To make matters worse he now needs a female partner to accompany him on his works do to keep his secret going. Luckily for Philip his sister, Sarah, introduces him to her flatmate and jobbing actress Emily to play the part for the evening They hit it off straight way and the pretend couple keep the charade going for work commitments, but can it last?

Emily realizes that Philip is her perfect man only it's typical that he is gay and it can go nowhere. Philip starts to realize that she is so much more than a pretend plus one. Will the two fight against all the barriers they face to admit to each other how they feel and if they do will they have the courage needed to make a go of things?

Kim Cano provides another realistic storyline that is thought provoking as the reader follows their day to day life, their emotions and fears."


Gay men don’t fall in love with women. Do they?

Philip is a gay man working for a conservative corporation. After his recent promotion, he needs a date for a company function and asks his sister’s new roommate, Emily.

Emily is an actress, waiting tables while starring in local plays and hoping for her big break. She agrees to be Philip’s date for the party, and soon they are attending one event after another together.

Philip and Emily click on many levels. Lines blur as the people they pretend to be start feeling like the people they are, causing a rift with Philip’s boyfriend Jason.

When Philip no longer works for the company, he doesn’t need Emily to play the role of his girlfriend anymore, but to his surprise, he can’t let her go.

Source: http://beckvalleybooks.blogspot.co.uk/2016/07/his-secret-life-by-kim-cano-plus-25.html