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Book Review - The Fabulous at 50 Re-Experience​ from Dianna Bowes​

The Fabulous@50 Re-Experience: It's never too late to refresh your mind, body and spirit, and you don't have to do it alone by Dianna Lee Bowes (2016-01-13) - Dianna Lee Bowes;Deborah Smith
Our Beck Valley Book Review - The Fabulous at 50 Re-Experience: It's never too late to refresh your mind, body and spirit and you don't have to do it alone by Dianna Bowes plus Signed Book Giveaway - 4 Winners!
"Are you ready for a new chapter in your life? A new side of you, or perhaps the real side of you to finally come through?
Although not yet in my fifties I found this book quite appealing as I am approaching that age. This was a really interesting book that encourages you whilst reading it to reflect upon on yourself, your life and situation you might find yourself in. You will find the authors advice and guidance friendly, full of positivity, holding your hand as she guides you on a new journey in your life, willing you on. The book includes journal areas where you can write down your thoughts prompted by the author or answer questions that she raises and also serves as a great reminder if you re-read the chapters to your original thoughts. I found it quite amazing how, on two fairly simple questions, I didn't know how to answer, especially as the question was about me and my feelings, I literally sat with a blank expression trying to think how to answer, followed by relief to find the author had provided some suggestions in case it proved too difficult!
I did find myself smiling and laughing at the humor in parts of the book. I also found that the book really made me think and actually confirmed certain things that I already felt but brought them to the forefront of my mind as well as realizing the one thing stopping myself reaching my goals was me! The author has split the book into stages of change and has included many true stories from other affected 50'ish 'Boomer Women' (as the author describes them) so you know your not on your own and can understand how change can happen. You will find facts, quotes, drawings, references to other related reading as well as a really useful reference and resources guide at the back of the book.
An insightful read signposting you to a more fulfilling, meaningful, next chapter of your life, a special time for 'you'."
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