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Surrender of Trust by Mariel Grey #bookreview

Surrender of Trust - Mariel Grey
Surrender of Trust by Mariel Grey #bookreview (Surrender Series #1) 'If you like a great love story, try out Surrender of Trust. It will give you hope for a lifetime love, regardless of the obstacles involved.' reviews Pamela Maynard who is also now reading #newrelease A Gentleman’s Surrender (Book 2)
"I typically don’t read historical novels, however, this series caught my attention. This series by Mariel Grey is set in the Georgian era, a time of horse drawn carts, men and women in society and where manners and being proper was expected. In Volume I, Lucy and Chalifour discover that love does exist in a world where people marry each other based on their station in life.
Lucy and her twin brother Lucien were all each other had in the world. Their mother had left when they were little and their father, a horse breeder, recently passed away. Lucien had taken over the family business and Lucy helped as much as she could.
When Lucien gets in an accident that almost takes his life, Lucy has to ward off a blackmailer and keep a deal going with the Marquess of Chalifour. Lucy had no information on the deal that Lucien was making with Chalifour except what she read on the contract. Not knowing if it was a good deal or not, she signed as her brother since he was unconscious. This was illegal and risky.
With the blackmail hanging over her head and the deal with Chalifour, Lucy had to confide in someone. That someone was her best friend, Lady Monique. The two women solve problems as they arise until they couldn’t anymore. Lucy confides in Chalifour, whom by this time has fallen in love with her.
Lucy never intended to marry, but after meeting and falling in love with Chalifour, she found that marriage to her Marquess was not only the right move but one that would make her happy for the rest of their lives.
If you like a great love story, try out Surrender of Trust by Mariel Grey. It will give you hope for a lifetime love, regardless of the obstacles involved."
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Source: http://www.momdoesreviews.com/2017/01/08/surrender-of-trust-by-mariel-grey-bookreview