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Filter Shift: How Effective People See the World - Sara Taylor

I found this a fascinating insight into how our minds work and how our unconscious mind, through our own stored filters, make such a difference to our perception, our judgment and situations.

It amazes me how our unconscious mind uses filters created from our past experiences, traumas and teachings to make decisions automatically before we really begin to think about them, yet we feel as if we are in control but right now we're really not.  

Sara Taylor guides us through the complexity of the mind and filters and shares stories to bring the meanings to light and easier to understand.  This isn't a light read but it is an eye opening read, I got my 'aha' moment when I got to page 10 and read 'Think Wine' then going forward things really started to click into place.  With Sara's help you can begin to have an awareness of how we can see the same situation/differences so differently to how others see them due to everyone having their own unique set of filters from their own experiences and teachings.  So treating each others the same, as you would like to be treated, is just not going to work in many scenarios as the author explains throughout the book and for me especially made clear with the teacher/parent story.

The wrong communication can lead to so many negative outcomes, if everyone could actually try to understand how each other worked and began to see their own prejudices in a new light there would be so much less anger in the world and for that reason I believe everyone should read this book.

With time and effort this can be worked upon so you can communicate more effectively in both our personal and professional lives.

Are we really seeing what we truly want to see and feel?

Source: http://beckvalleybooks.blogspot.co.uk/2017/01/book-review-filter-shift-how-effective.html