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★·.·´¯`·.·★ღღ NEW RELEASE - Just Three Dates by David Burnett

Just Three Dates - David Burnett
★·.·´¯`·.·★♡ღ NEW RELEASE ღ♡★·.·´¯`·.·★
Just Three Dates by David Burnett 
"I honestly don’t know where to begin, but I suppose it is a fair assessment to say that from the first page, I was hooked. This is a “RomCom,” a clean read, and it hits every mark perfectly. Being a fan of Hallmark movies, I can easily recommend this book to my Hallmark readers–it is just like one of their feel-good films except told in expert style through the pen of an author who has the gift of making romances engaging, humorous, intriguing, and heartfelt." reviews My Devotional Thoughts
"David Burnett has a style of writing that pulls the reader in, tugs on their emotions, and keeps them guessing until the ending. When I finished this book I just sat…sat and thought about what I read. Is a marriage between friends enough? Does a marriage have to have love to succeed? There is so much to think about." - reviews A Soccer Mom's Book Blog
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When their mothers become matchmakers, entangling them in a series of dates with each other, Karen and Mark must each decide whether to entertain the idea of a “marriage of convenience,” or to hold out for an increasingly unlikely marriage based on love.
Since breaking with her last boyfriend, Karen has refused to trust any man her age. For the past three years, she has not dated the same one twice, and only one in ten has received even a goodnight kiss as she turned him away. Karen is an artist. She follows her feelings, lives in a cluttered loft, and gushes over vivid sunsets.
Mark still dreams about his almost-fiancée, and his date book has been empty since he threw her out a week before he’d planned to ask for her hand. His friends call him the “Ice Man,” since he seldom smiles, especially at a woman. A math professor at the College, logic guides his behavior, he loves order, and an elegant proof is a thing of beauty.
Both Karen and Mark have all but abandoned hope of ever falling in love, and, left on their own, these opposites would never attract. So, their mothers become matchmakers, entangling them in a series of dates by extracting promises that Karen and Mark will go out together three times, suggesting that, in the absence of love, a “marriage of convenience” is a live option.
If you enjoy heartwarming stories based on true-to-life behaviors, with complicated relationships and a less-than-certain outcome, this book is for you.
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