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Our Beck Valley Book Review - Halloween is Murder by Carolyn Arnold (McKinley Mysteries)

Halloween Is Murder (McKinley Mysteries) - Carolyn Arnold

A seasonal joy to highlight one of the spookiest nights of the year and what better way to celebrate it with a really good murder mystery set around a haunted house.

In this novel we met Sean and Sara Mckinley who can be likened to one of the most famous married detectives duos created by Agatha Christie, Thomas and Tuppence. Reading this book took me back to my youth and reminded of all the Alfred Hitchcock books I used to read. The excellent setting around creating a haunted house leads to the lead reporter being murdered and it’s up to Sean and Sara to find out why.

The storyline is a very easy one to follow and will be loved by young teens and adults who like a really good murder mystery with page turning events and clues to help you solve the case before the detectives can. With the clever writing and red herring leads that are put in place to mislead you it makes for a fantastic read at a special time of year.

This is the first book I have read in the series but easily followed it and would love to peruse the others in order to enhance and embellish the characters. Praise for Carolyn Arnold and look out for other works by this author as they are just as intriguing and powerful as this novel.




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