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NEW RELEASE ON The Rocks - new Ozzie Novak Thriller by John W. Mefford

ON The Rocks (An Ozzie Novak Thriller, Book 3) (Redemption Thriller Series 15) - John W. Mefford
ON The Rocks - new Ozzie Novak Thriller by John W. Mefford | Author Can a life of abuse justify a seduction of greed? #Thriller #Suspense #Mystery & so much more!
"Lots of twists and turns--This is one novel that you may find yourself reading nonstop--I did! Ozzie's first concern is his daughter, not his estranged wife, not the conditions he now has to work in. But life works in strange ways and when a woman comes into his office begging him for help to prove her husband is cheating on her--what's a guy to do?" reviews Miki's Hope
"When Rosie Alvarado enters his office it is just like any other PI case, or is it? Ozzie seems to have been caught under Rosie’s spell but that allows his sense of judgement to be clouded and not see the bigger picture. ON the Rocks was yet another great book from Mefford, and I am really loving Ozzie with his humour and internal dialog, the scams that he and Detective Brooke uncover involving Rosie, I didn’t see coming until it was right on top of me." reviews E Book Addicts
Her allure is undeniable.
But is it also toxic?
Ozzie is determined to make this PI gig work, but only on his terms. And then Rosie shows up. She's desperate to get dirt on her powerful, womanizing husband and then move on.
Ozzie knows he has a soft spot for those who've been taken advantage of. The fact she has this raw sex appeal doesn't faze him. Or does it?
Can Ozzie resist the temptation long enough to give this woman her life back?
A case of spousal cheating turns deadly. Who is the culprit? More importantly, who was the intended victim?
Even with Ozzie's heart still drawn to Nicole, he knows he can't turn his back on the woman who needs him most. He just needs a little time to pull the pieces together.
And then all hell breaks loose.
Another murder…this one more personal than the first. Ozzie can't make sense of any of it. The lies, the cheating all blur together. He's stuck in the middle of this twisted storm, unable to find the truth, losing trust in his ability to deny his desires.
Can a life of abuse justify a seduction of greed? And can Ozzie somehow uncover the root of the conspiracy before more lives are lost?
Who will be the last woman standing?
Get ON The Rocks now!
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