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New Thriller Release - ON The Run by John W. Mefford

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███▓▒░░NEW THRILLER RELEASE░░▒▓███►►►
ON The Run by John W. Mefford | Author
(An Ozzie Novak Thriller, Book 6) (Redemption Thriller Series 18)
"An outstanding read and Ozzie's best one yet in my eyes. Ozzie is thrown for a loop when "evidence" comes to light that he was involved with the death at the bridge and he is faced with a choice - turn himself in for something he didn't do or run and find out the truth. Of course it is Ozzie we are talking about here and he goes ON the Run like his life depends on it - and it does! He will stop at nothing to prove his innocence and discovers some starting revelations along the way and I have to say I never saw it all coming, I was literary on the edge of my seat as he pieced everything together whilst the law was fast closing in on him." reviews E Book Addicts
"This one will have your heart beating rapidly as Ozzie goes "on the lam" to prove he is not a killer and to find the person who did. Ozzie witnesses someone being possibly shot or just thrown off the bridge--could it be? He rushes to the scene--Although many rescue divers try--no body can be found. Ozzie is devastated. Accused by the police he goes to find the one who did this. What he discovers something that will shock you--" reviews Miki's Hope
They are the winds of fate...
They lift your spirit to soaring heights.
And then there is that one staggering, but unforgettable, moment…
A body plummets into the stormy water and, along with it, swallows Ozzie’s heart.
Can it actually be true?
But mourning isn’t painful enough. Not by a long shot.
Determined to disprove the unthinkable, Ozzie hunts every possible suspect. Along the way, he’s exposed to those who have axes to grind and those with not an ounce of human decency.
But could any of them actually pull off something like this?
Old friends from Ozzie’s past are just the steady hand he needs to separate fact from fiction and end this pursuit for good.
But in blows another breeze, and this one carries a stench so rotten, Ozzie is nearly destroyed.
Could Ozzie have predicted that fate could be this cruel?
There is still one innocent soul to save, and Ozzie will do anything to ensure his life with his daughter is secure. Even if he has to kill for it.
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