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A magical blend of hot burning passion, new beginnings, tender romance, humor, forgiveness & the true value of family.

Brett (Bad Billionaires After Dark #4) - Melissa Foster

The beauty of reading is when you are lucky enough to find a book that connects with your heart and soul, it has you there in the moment, and this is exactly what happened reading Brett and Sophie's magical story. I was left feeling elated from all the emotions, joy and excitement that had built up inside while reading this beautiful, hot and tender story.

Brett and Sophie's characters are equally lovable, they totally captured all my imagination and my heart with their their humor, passion and love that grew. I felt myself smiling at their chats and their inner thoughts. I loved Brett's inner turmoil as he tries to understand his new feelings and vulnerabilities towards Sophie, questioning himself if he was actually mentally prepared for his first real relationship, and learning to allow his softer true side out instead of the macho one he wore. It reminded me of all those worries and nagging doubts you have as you enter a new relationship. But Brett knew deep down what he wanted with Sophie and was strong enough to jump as many hurdles as he needed to. He was such a fun, impulsive character, he definitely carried Sophie off her feet. Sophie is also a strong character that knows her own worth, she dreams of forever love, she could see glimpses of the man hiding underneath all his muscular armour and hoped with all her might that her happy ever after dream would come true with him. There were treasured times within this story that actually took my breath away and not just bedroom scenes, pure emotions that actually tore through me as their true feelings were being shared.

In the story we also get to see old and upcoming characters within this wonderful story giving the sense of such a strong family bond and friendship between them all, it was great to see them all together. Sophie's family scenes in the story, how they welcomed Brett so readily into their lives and how Brett was with them, were a joy to read and I've got to say that Nana was a hoot! It also reminded Brett of how families can be with each other and stirred up deeply hidden emotions that potentially could ruin everything.

A magical blend of hot burning passion, new beginnings, tender romance, humor, forgiveness & the true value of family. This thoroughly touching story was a pure joy to read and for me it is easily the best Bad Boys read from the series, and that's saying something because I enjoyed them all. The feelings when reading this book will stay with you for quite some time!

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