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Book Review - The Secret of the Lost Pharaoh by Carolyn Arnold (Matthew Connor Adventure Series Book 2)

The Secret of the Lost Pharaoh - Carolyn Arnold

Another exciting adventure with our intrepid explorers who are desperate to find the Emerald tablets.  According to legend these tablets hold untold powers and in the wrong hands could lead to world devastation. The story line and brilliant descriptive writing brings the ancient world of Egypt to life. Egypt holds a fascination for the modern world and all the secrets and myths it holds and this is a novel which takes us on that journey to solve one of them.

On previous expeditions our group had to overcome personnel issues and put aside grievances to work together to achieve the overall goal. Their characters and their traits are expertly brought to life and with the past tensions on the previous expeditions, it adds emotions of love, jealousy and greed to the story.

Any reader who enjoys adventure stories which are full of excitement, danger, with a hint of a love triangle, will love this novel. In creating our explorer of ancient antiquities in Matthew Connor she has set a great rival for Indiana Jones. Look out for other novels by this author!

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