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NEW Alex Troutt Thriller, AT ANY COST, by John W. Mefford

AT Any Cost - John W. Mefford

NEW Alex Troutt Thriller, AT ANY COST, by John W. Mefford 

"If anyone is good at making my heart pound so loudly that it is deafening, it's John W Mefford! With each book that comes, I know we're one closer to the conclusion. The ride has been nothing short of phenomenal. A betrayal - very close in nature - takes the world, turns it upside down, and violently shakes it into oblivion. I was left with a chill in my bones and completely breathless!" reviews Lynchburg Mama by Shelly Maynard

"This book starts out with a bang--literally! Alex is cornered and someone is pointing a gun right at her head--she closes her eyes and hears the click of the trigger-----This one will keep you reading and wondering up until the very end." reviews Miki's Hope

"When you start a John Mefford book you know you are going to sucked right from the beginning and won't stop until you reach the last page. AT any cost follows Alex & Ozzie from the aftermath of the explosive ending in the previous book, and the ending which left me going "oh my God!"" reviews E Book Addicts

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The slayings are cold-blooded… 

…but it's deceit that has Alex staring at the face of death. 

Alex goes off the books to try to stop a group that has re-defined modern-day terrorism. Extortion, bombings, and assassinations have created fear inside and outside of the beltway -- all while being nearly invisible.

Alex has no choice but to pull in Ozzie -- they only find more death. A young woman with so much hope…two bullets in the back of her head. How does she connect to all the other deaths in cities across the world?

Alex can only see one common thread: a blood-thirsty quest to obtain control. And that control will kill hundreds of thousands to pad the pockets of the group's leadership.

Shots fly. Alex and Ozzie try to escape death. But how do all the pieces fit together? They can't. Not unless there's a betrayal that will turn Alex's world upside down -- just before she's shot in the face.

You think you'll identify the Judas. But no one can predict how treacherous the mind becomes.

Is this the last day of Alex's life? 

Get AT Any Cost now! 

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