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Book Review - Smith by Sam B Miller II

Book Review - Smith by Sam B Miller II
'An excellent story about the mystique of ancient times and the power that these treasures hold over us'

"An expedition into Israel and an unexpected find in King Solomon's Tomb springs a surprise and untold danger to our hero. Different parties seeking to gain the power to improve their own wealth and status, not just in there community but to become a global power. As our hero wears the treasure he starts to hear orders from an ancient spirit Smith but is he guiding him to safety or danger?

The writing style and breaks between paragraphs make it an enjoyable read giving the reader chance to digest what is happening and follow the story line. The research and historic events is first rate. The excellent character traits bring the story to life.

What is it about archaeology and the things we find that intrigue modern man? Is it because we cannot understand the rituals and artifacts and have to create our own stories to satisfy our minds?

A very easy to read book with intrigue and a twist to the plot, which will have appeal to all age groups because of the interest everyone holds over tombs, ancient rulers and the beliefs they held.

An excellent story about the mystique of ancient times and the power that these treasures hold over us and in the pursuit of those treasures the conflict caused between good and evil. I will be sure to look out for the authors other books."

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Book Description
Jakes discovers a 3,000 year old ring with the power to control demons as well as the weather and all animals. Jake starts to hear a voice that belongs to Smith, the computer-like interface who gives him guidance on how to deal with his newfound powers. Smith’s single goal is to insure Jake is King of Earth with an appropriate Queen chosen by Smith. Both a rogue government and a secret society want the ring and its powers for their own wicked scheme. Smith’s methods for protecting Jake are prone to violence. Jakes teams with Nava, a no-holds barred woman with unique training. Smith doesn’t like her hair. The government and the secret society have just met their match.


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