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AT Full Tilt - John W. Mefford
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AT Full Tilt (An Alex Troutt Thriller, Book 12) (Redemption Thriller Series 24) by John W. Mefford | Author
◆ A power that few have possessed. ◆ And a secret that will unleash it... 

"This is a definite nail biter which will keep you guessing. There is no way you will figure it all out. It took Alex to almost the end to realize who was behind all this--twists and turns galore. This was the perfect ending to this series. I think you will like the ultimate ending--something I never even thought of until I read it. A brand new series from this author is starting soon--I can't wait!" - reviews Miki's Hope

"This series as a whole has been one huge emotional rollercoaster, but this last book really takes it to that - edge of your seat, cant stop reading - next level, where you are actually fearing for your favourite characters even more. If you have read the previous books then you do not want to miss this one! I cant wait to see what Mefford has in store for us now...." reviews Ebook Addicts UK

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A power that few have possessed. 

And a secret that will unleash it. 

He has a plan. He watches it unfold. And one by one, three lives crumble into dust.

Flares of desperation divert the focus -- can Alex see through the fog of deception?

The killing season is just getting started. It's an evil too sadistic to fathom. Is there any way that Alex, Ozzie, and Ivy come out of this alive?

A brutal savagery devours one life after another. But who's really behind this killing spree? Where does Alex fit in this nightmare?

As a thirty-year-old secret emerges, the ties that bind people will be redefined.

Blood never had greater meaning for three people.

But is there enough trust to survive the terror?

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