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Book Review - Attorney-at-Paw: A Chrissy the Shih Tzu Mystery by Diane Wing

Attorney-At-Paw: A Chrissy the Shih Tzu Mystery  - Diane Wing

When her owner is murdered, Chrissy a Shih Tzu is adopted by Autumn Clarke who is determined to solve the murder and bring the culprit to justice. The story revolves around the bond between human and animal, one of the strongest on earth, and in this case Chrissy is able to send messages to Autumn.  This takes them on a road of discovery, adventure and of danger. On their journey the authors writing paints an excellent scene and you feel you are in the background like a shadow and obviously no murder mystery is complete without chemistry between heroine and the chief detective.

Anyone who owns an animal will enjoy this story and see the traits of Chrissy in their own pet, adding credence to the novel. The therapy and solace a pet can bring when one is that there darkest hour is remarkable and shines through in abundance in the story. The art of a good story is to keep the reader enrapt and wanting more and all through this book Diane Wing has achieved that as every page leads us on an exciting rip roaring ride and exercises the old grey cells.

An easy read for young readers and adults alike, a very simple but effective story and will have you falling in love with Chrissy and Amber, hoping that they can survive the perils and solve the mystery. I am hoping this is one of the first stories in a series and will be scouring the book shelves and internet for the second one when published. Praise for Diane Wing and her first Shih Tzu mystery. 

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