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A Puff of Silk by Kathleen Shoop A Novella—Book 1—Bridal Shop Series

A Puff of Silk (Bridal Shop Series Book 1) - Kathleen Shoop

A Puff of Silk by Kathleen Shoop
A Novella—Book 1—Bridal Shop Series
'Need to turn your wedding dress frown upside down? Call Amelia Pettipiece!'

Now available:
Kindle: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07JQX82ST 
Paperback: https://www.amazon.com/dp/1720073635 

"This was a quick read - it's a novella so it's only 158 pages - a great intro to a new, fun series by Author Kathleen Shoop. She writes a heroine that is strong, determined, and independent; the kind of character that most of us women aspire to be like. This book focuses on the relationship between the heroine & her grandmother; I loved following these two as they reconnected after so long apart. Also, the author hints at a potential suitor for Amelia but it is not the forefront of the story. I can't wait to see what else comes to be for Amelia & Gram - and their boutique.." Reviews All Things Bookaholic

"I really loved this short novella, and I feel I am going to enjoy the rest of the books in this series. I loved Amelia and her Gram and how their little boutique brings them together again." reviews Ebook Addicts UK

"Is Amelia able to solve her money problems, will she be to save her Grandmother's shop and will she continue to design wedding gowns?" asks Miki's Hope "The first in the series and I am eagerly awaiting all the others!!" 

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New York City dress designer to the stars, Amelia Pettipiece, cleared a unique path to fashion-glory. With her career soaring, grand penthouse apartment on Central Park, and handsome boyfriend who supports her ambitions, Amelia could not have dreamed of a better life when she left Pittsburgh after college.

But when Amelia’s signature design, the famous FiFi Hererra’s, wedding dress, disintegrates off the bride’s body as she walks down the aisle, every thread of Amelia’s charmed life unravels.

Amelia’s Instaglam life turns into an Instaslam. She runs back home to her gram’s place in Eagle Bend, Pennsylvania to hide until she can figure out what happened to the dress and how to weave her tattered life back together.

Though Amelia finds comfort in staying with Gram, she begins to see that she’s neglected the woman who raised her. Pettipiece Boutique is falling apart and a slew of hunky hangers-on are showing interest in the riverfront property and in Amelia.

Just when Amelia is at her lowest, a customer with a unique problem arrives at the boutique, distracting Amelia from her crumbled life. Can she and Gram create the dress of a lifetime for a desperate bride? Can Amelia trust herself to send another bride down the aisle after the FiFi debacle? Does any of it really matter if Amelia’s already lost it all?