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Book Review - Bayside Escape (Bayside Summers Book 4) by Melissa Foster

Book Review - Bayside Escape (Bayside Summers Book 4) by Melissa Foster I always try to convey how much emotion is felt by reading a book, with this book I hope I achieved that as it was a total delight to read and watch their depth of love grow for each other...
"Hands down this is my favorite Bayside couple by far, and I have loved them all, but Violet and Andre hit bullseye with all the feels. I loved every minute of their story.
Their powerful feelings instantly begin to stir deep inside as they are unexpectedly reunited at Desiree and Rick's wedding. Andre's pain and sense of loss since losing Violet previously is really quite overwhelming. Both confused on how things ended before, their infectious feelings for each other go from pain and built up tension to the deepest longing that simply oozes of the pages in to your heart, so clear, so emotional.
Violet has so many walls surrounding her from years of feeling hurt, unloved, and abandoned that she copes by putting up a hard exterior and comes out with some awesome wise cracks to cover how she really feels deep down. She's a girl who speaks her mind with no second thoughts, tact and diplomacy go right out of the window. I liked Vi before but I came to love her so much after this.
Andre is heaven sent, he gently and lovingly chips away at her battle amour with love and encouragement to allow her softer, vulnerable side to appear here and there. With patience, which Andre will have, there's no doubt in my mind that theirs is a beautiful love waiting to grow stronger day by day. They know each other so well, they have a beautiful understanding of each others wants, strength and weaknesses and how to bring the best out of each other.
Gaining a better understanding of Lizza's ways was another plus point, even though alien to most people, I could see how her thought pattern worked and how she could perceive her actions as good intentions.
Emotional in parts, fun in others, this was such an uplifting and enjoyable read, when I finished I was left with a full heart and a smile on my face."
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