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BEAUTIFUL is the word that sums up Mad About Moon.

Mad About Moon - Melissa Foster

BEAUTIFUL is the word that sums up Mad About Moon. My heart was pulled in all directions, I fell totally and utterly in love with the characters and their back stories made me love them even more.


Josie and Jed are two beautiful souls that are finally destined to be reunited. They have both had to go through so much to get where they are today and you will join them on part of their emotional journey in this book, as well as enjoy the sheer love they have for each other. You will also be treated to one lovable little boy who will also steal your heart, just as easy as he stole Jed's, their relationship is so touching.


I was rooting for Josie the whole time to move forward in her life, it made my heart swell as she turns her life around. Jed is there every step of the way, the invisible bond between them was stronger than it had ever been. Their story is definitely HOT and will have you there completely in the moment!


Mad About Moon has come so close in overtaking my favorite Melissa Foster romance, Tru Blue, it has the same darkness to the story, the same pull towards the characters, the same heartfelt emotions and, of course, humour. It makes you want to re-read all The Whiskeys all over again. I can't get enough of this family and community focused on hot bikers. Another remarkable accomplishment from Melissa Foster.


Prepare yourself to be also teased with culinary delights! Just saying ;-)



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