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Audiobook Review - FLOAT: A Guide to Letting Go by Aimee L Ruland (Author), Carl R Anderson (Illustrator)

FLOAT: A Guide to Letting Go  - Aimee L Ruland

A lovely audiobook to listen to at any time of the day, although I think it would be most helpful to fall asleep to at night, putting your mind at rest and letting your subconscious mind do it's work. Geared towards children, I even think this 13 minute audio could easily benefit teens and adults alike.

The audio allows you to think about the many thoughts, feelings, and emotions you have, how they twist and turn your being, and that it's ok to have those, it's only natural, understanding them and being able to let them go.  A really great tool to take time out and reflect, a reminder of the real you.

With rhyming and cleverly thought out imagery the author makes it visually real, as each emotion/feeling is reflected with a specific colored item, easy for children (and adults!) to imagine. This can be used numerous times, whenever you feel extra help is needed.

I was particularly pleased with the narrator, she was a perfect match to this thought provoking audio.  Her voice was soft, calming, friendly and easy to listen to, giving you the confidence to let go.

For any parent worried about their child, I would definitely, without hesitation, recommend trying this or if audio isn't your thing the ebook or paperback/hardback to experience the unique drawings whilst reading together.

Source: http://beckvalleybooks.blogspot.com/2019/11/float-guide-to-letting-go-by-aimee-l.html