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Book Review Dragon Mist: A Paranormal Romance by David Burnett

Dragon Mist - David  Burnett
I thoroughly enjoyed reading Dragon Mist, David Burnett always makes it easy for the reader to connect and warm quickly to the characters in his stories. I also loved learning about the Drache's (dragons), their history and cultures within the story.
Fate brings two students together and we watch their friendship grow.  Christine is a Drache, a mix of human and dragon, who has been designated to mate with a human to keep the DNA in their genes. Although she is currently paired to someone she isn't overly fond of, after meeting James she begins to wonder if things should change.  She's a loveable hippie at heart, who sometimes gets the human / dragon moral boundaries mixed up which is quite a surprise for James.  James is such a sweet character who starts to fall for Christine's unusual ways, not realising her shapeshifting secret.  As they get closer he starts to wonder about Christine and has many unanswered questions which is cause for him to speculate.  The problem is once he knows the secret he must become one of them or be silenced for good.  Can Christine keep her emotions at bay or risk losing him?
After a unexpected intense start, I realised reading further along why it had happened. Yet there was also a softness to the story, humor, and intrigue.  I loved picking this up to continue their fascinating journey,  another wonderful and interesting read from the author.
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