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Moms Letting Go Without Giving Up: Seven Steps to Self-Recovery by Michelle Weidenbenner and Vie Herlocker

Moms Letting Go Without Giving Up: Seven Steps to Self-Recovery - Michelle Weidenbenner
Moms Letting Go Without Giving Up: Seven Steps to Self-Recovery by Michelle Weidenbenner and Vie Herlocker 
Steps to overcome your fear of your addicted loved one's choices.
"Gives many good suggestions on how to heal, cope and perhaps find joy again in your world while your child learns to be an adult on his/her own. There are several resources you can go to for help as well as references that you can check out and read. This is not an easy path to walk--but then neither is being the parent of an addict!" reviews Miki's Hope
Now available...
If your child is addicted to drugs or alcohol, you aren't alone.
If you're like millions of MOMS, you are neglecting yourself because you're consumed with worrying about your child. You fear your child will die of this disease.
Moms want to help so bad that sometimes they help in unhealthy ways.
I’m the mother of a recovering addict. I know how you feel.
Your actions affect your child's recovery and YOUR life.
Your child's addiction is NOT your fault.
But how you handle your child's addiction matters.
Drug fatalities are on the rise.
Let us help you find JOY despite your addicted loved one's choices. Start today. Take care of YOU.
If you don't take time for your wellness, you'll be forced to take care of your illness.
***********Welcome to the Mighty Moms Club***********
Our focus is how to ruin our children’s “using” career and find joy in our lives. If that sounds like something you want to be a part of, you’re in the right place, and I’m super glad that you’re here! Are you ready to change the way you respond to your loved one’s addiction problems? I hope so!
How do you feel when you think your daughter’s drug addiction is ruining her life?
Hopeless, right? How do you cope with this hopeless feeling? Maybe you don’t. You might think, this isn’t really living; I’m dying inside because of her using career.
What do you have to do to start living for yourself?
Follow me as I take you on the journey where you transform from a seed to a flower. From a mom whose only focus is on her child, to a mom whose focus is on herself.
Using this flower analogy, you will work through seven transformational steps to letting go: Commitment; Self-Awareness; Inner Dialogue; Creating the Plan; Implementing the Plan; Progress, Reflection, and Vision; Helping Others and Living a New Life.
Once you master this shift in focus, you will help your adult child see that change is possible and that hope is the best four-letter word in the dictionary. Children do what children see—no matter how old they are. Once you show your child what hope looks like, your child will see your joy and want what you have.
This book will show you ways to change. There is no magical bullet to help your son or daughter get well. But you can make a difference by your responses to your child’s actions. To do this, you must first start with yourself.
I will give you suggestions based on my journey, but it’s up to you to act on the information. If my suggestions make you uncomfortable or they don’t resonate with you, ponder them for a while. We are all on a different journey and recovery works differently for everyone.
Join the support group today - https://michelleweidenbenner.com/momslettinggo/ 
HOPE, A Free Skill Guide, Membership to a Community of MOMS, and Speakers who understand addiction.