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Lemon Curd

Lemon Curd - Homa Pourasgari For years now I have had the same two favourite authors, Mary E Pearce and Margaret Dickinson, I now have three!! After reading the authors book, The Dawn of Saudi (read my book review here) I was absolutely blown away and knew I had to read her first book, Lemon Curd. I literally could not wait until it arrived, although when you look forward to something so much you do worry slightly in case it doesn't match your expectations, I needn't have worried. Another fantastic 'unable to put down' read. The main character, Anna Lisa, has a great job at a marketing firm with a fantastic boss and also has the benefit of working with the love of her life and ladies man, Paul. Her parents died in a car crash when she was three months old and she was brought up by her grandmother and aunts. Without any word of warning she is suddenly told that the firm have brought a colleague over from the London office to work with her on the important Olson account, a cosmetic company ran by an aunt and nephew. The guy stood next to her, Neil, who she is supposed to not only work with but share an office with, is the annoying man she ran into earlier that day and who had stole her cherished and rare car parking space. Not only that he has decided to call her Leeza which is even more annoying !! They slowly fall in love with each other, although denying it to themselves as Neil has a fiancée, who eventually starts to infuriate him due to being so spoilt and self centered and Anna Lisa has Paul. When things fall apart in Anna Lisa's relationship with Paul it hits her hard and starts to have even more impact on their feelings. Can they finally allow themselves happiness and fall in love with each other or will they both walk away from what potentially could be the 'one'? You may feel that you want to shout at the characters at times to make them see sense and act on their feelings. A truly enjoyable read with a great storyline. The way the author writes draws you into the story and you warm very quickly to the characters in the story, which is why I loved reading both books. Another really enjoyable read by this wonderful author !