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The Imitation of Patsy Burke

The Imitation of Patsy Burke - John Gaynard I always know when my husband is reading a good book as its always with him wherever he goes, he sits in the lounge with it instead of watching the tv, he goes to bed early to read, its as if the book is glued to him. This is what happened as soon as he started to read this book. His review A Must Read...Remarkable how the author, through exploring his past, he opens his conscious to the reader in a manner which draws the reader into his alter egos and inner voices. The book challenges the readers own egos and inner voices and in a clever way asks the reader if they have the same issues, with their past, love and insecurities. With the startling revelation at the end of the book, the author reveals who he really thinks he is. "One of the best books I have read this year in the way the author draws you into his life and questions our existence, once started I couldn't put it down."