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Turnabout - April Alisa Marquette Who said 'Love' was ever simple? Certainly not the stories main characters Abigail and Joseph. Joseph has loved Abigail for many years, watching her through her failing relationships, watched her suffering, being the friendly shoulder to cry on while he longs for her. Abigail fragile from life, her mother ran down by a drunken driver, she was raped at college, many failed relationships, seems to be unaware of his feelings. Will they ever get it together? Not if the ex, Darre, has his way, he seems to do what he can to get in between them, even using his dead mother as a reason to get back together. Love shines through as they finally allow themselves to cross the friendship line, but for how long? Can Joseph stop feeling that he is competing against the 'ex'? Can Abigail finally admit to herself and Joseph that she really does love him? Even their friends and close-knit family all know, yet it appears that the two of them are blinded from the fact. Then a twist....... A story full of emotion, lust and life, the author describes each character in a great way and you become familiar with their personalities, wants and desires. At times you may feel that you would like to bang both their heads together to make them realise how they really feel ! One very slight negative was at times overcoming the characters native speech although the story itself works well with this. An enjoyable and exciting read !!