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Hey, Back Off!: Tips for Stopping Teen Harassment

Hey, Back Off!: Tips for Stopping Teen Harassment - Jennie Withers, Phyllis Hendrickson This is a great book for all parents who have teenage or pre-teen children. As a parent myself I certainly found the book useful and in parts an eye opener. Each chapter deals with a separate issue, such as understanding the meaning of harassment, learning about the law and support resources, taking the personality quiz, doormat kids and passive parents, bullies and aggressive parents, winners and positive parents, dealing with harassment issues. Throughout the book there are work tables, questions and answers, goals for both child and parent. Through each chapter the author gives us an insight to what constitutes intimidation, bullying and harassment with clear and definitive descriptions. Explaining what signs to look for in our child and most importantly to talk to our children on a daily basis to find out if there is an underlying cause to certain behaviour. Informing us also of what is expected both from the establishment your child is attending and also what law (US only) states is expected and which is unlawful. These guidelines are great for a parent to know so they know where they stand with the law and the educational department. The book then describes the different personalities the teenager will have or show, as well as the parent!! For example, if you are a dominant parent - does that make your child passive? and vice versa. There is a multi-choice personality quiz for both child and parent to complete which points towards us having an assertive, aggressive or passive personality. Don't worry it then follows on, in detail, how this can be changed From case studies and intensive research the book picks out the important pieces of information, both from the mistakes that we can make and the over protectiveness, to try and make us as parents understand our children and the signs and emotions they display better. The important message the book portrays is that as a parent, if we do notice something our of the ordinary in our childs behaviour we must act, knowing your own child and being assertive will stop and prevent further harassment. A really informative read for all families.