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Super Born: Seduction of Being

Super Born: Seduction of Being - Keith Kornell I knew as soon as read the first couple of pages that I was going to enjoy reading this book. I'm not a huge fantasy reader but I have been persuaded by this one. Although I think a lot to do with my enjoyment of the book came from the authors writing style, a light hearted story, humorous, tongue in cheek in parts and weirdly or not slightly believable!! I also loved the way the book alternated between first hand accounts from both main characters. The two main characters were both down to earth, you had the single mum turned super hero alongside the day to day reporter/journalist guy who loves his beer the other!! The story follows the after affects of epsilon radiation exposure in the town of Scranton, turning the men into morons known as RFD's, reduced functuality disorder and the opposite effect on the women, giving some of them super powers. One woman in particular, dressed in black, started to gain a lot of interest after villain after villain were being captured, crime after crime were being prevented, rescue after rescue were becoming an everyday occurrence, all followed by the hero dress in black sightings. The reporter, who by now is besotted with the Super Born, teams up with a scientist try to find the identity of this particular 'Super Born', dressed all in black now known as the 'BIB'. From the scientists research narrowing this down to only eight women who were born during the Super Bowl, January 18th 1976. The BIB website was formed, quickly increasing its fans and sightings. Unfortunately they were not the only ones to be hunting her down, villains, crime lords and jealous inferior super women wanted her found as well. Who would find her first? What would happen to her? A really enjoyable and amusing read. What I also love is the fact that the author has actually brought to life parts of the book, his website is bib.org the same as the book and he has also brought out the BIB t-shirts, brilliant!!