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The Birth of Hope

The Birth Of Hope - Jeane Rhodes, Michael J. Kloepfer Imagine the shock of finding, at the age of fifteen, in foster care and having had your first ever sexual encounter, that you are pregnant. Already been stigmatised by society as a no-hoper following your eldest sister who was already into drugs and on the road to ruin, along with a mother who has been into prostitution, drugs and serving a prison sentence. Scared and feeling lonely, where do you turn? Tasha is shocked to find, after their initial despair, her foster parents support her and most of all the boy who got her pregnant, Justin, wants to look after and marry her. Justin, only 17, is also in foster care and wants to protect her and his baby. As the couple are both in foster care there is a lot of involvement with other people and meetings with the governing bodies to find out what is the best course of action for their life changing event. The pregnancy journey is full of ups and downs, not just having to cope with the growth and development of their baby but also having to deal with the complex issues with other family members as well as their foster parents. The development stages and feelings experienced by the young couple as they go through the process is intensive and emotional. As you follow the pregnancy you will cry, laugh, feel elation and an air of fear. The book will change your views or make you think a lot more about seeing young girls who are pregnant, it will also give you a good insight into how young mothers feel. I thought the book was well written, both from a high amount of research undertaken and from personal experience and was very in depth. It took me on the journey with the young couple and I would recommend that any young person should read this book to help them through pregnancy or help prevent them becoming pregnant.