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Battered Earth

Battered Earth - D. Hilleren A very clear and page turning and thought provoking story. The story is full of mystery, intrigue and danger and the author uses simple and easy to follow text and language. The characters traits and beliefs are expertly defined to the reader which makes them totally believable. As prominent businessman and leading scientists are in Stockholm for a forum on the earths climate, disruption occurs from unknown forces who gun down two scientists, one is killed and the other survives. Were these the real targets though or was it Nicole Hunter, Head of the Rich Everson Foundation. Oliver Odin is dispatched by the Security Alliance to investigate the shootings and other threats that have been received. As the forum now moves onto a research ship taking them to the Valkyrie, a scientist ship working on a virtually environmental project, a terrorist is on board with a hidden agenda. After reaching and looking round the Valkyrie, the story and mystery develop as the forum heads back to shore the terrorists deeds come to light, killing all the crew members of the Valkyrie. When his masters have heard his actions have worked, a Lithuanian trader approaches the Valykrie and removes its precious cargo. Realising what is at stake, can Oliver and Nicole find out who has killed the crew and where the precious cargo is headed? If the cargo falls into the wrong hands terrorists throughout the world will have unlimited power. So time is of the essence, can they not only save themselves but the world peace as well. From the start I was drawn into the story as the author builds up the mysterious air around all of the characters and the plots very systematically. This is what I really like in a thriller, not everything is revealed at once. A really enjoyable read that I would strongly recommend.