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Just Like That!: How to Get Anything You Want

Just Like That!: How to Get Anything You Want - Janet Poole An excellent book which can and will help you change your life for the better. The emphasis of the exercises and guidance in the book is all about your 'self ' - How you see yourself, what pre-determined ideas and beliefs you have and how others react to your behaviour and attitude. The author takes you through a journey and explains why and how your thoughts and behaviour have been formed. Once you recognize these traits, the author then challenges them and stresses by taking small steps these traits will start to change which will lead to bigger changes to enhance your life. The challenges and demands which we face in our lives are cleverly broken down into chapters and for each demand/challenge the author gives you an alternative thought process to help you cope. With practice this could lead to that demand/challenge becoming less of an impact on your life and therefore eliminating that problem and as each problem is eradicated your life is enriched. Reading this book I found myself challenging myself and through this I did feel better and gained confidence. I am sure if I keep going back to the book and using the tools and exercises that I can improve my outlook on life which is what I deserve. This is a book which is once read must be kept close to hand for reference in case those nagging doubts come back because once re-read I am sure that will be the final end to that problem. An inspiring and easy to read book.