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The Gemini Agenda (Winston Churchill Thrillers)

The Gemini Agenda (Winston Churchill Thrillers) - Michael McMenamin;Patrick McMenamin The third book in the trilogy featuring Bourke Cockram and heroine Matty McGarry. This time the year is 1932 and Winston Churchill has again received, through his intelligence network, the answer to the mystery of why naked bodies with their eyeballs extracted and drained of blood lies in Germany. Churchill informs William Hearst and he them assigns Mattie McGarry to investigate with her love Bourke Cockran. They discover that all the victims were twins and ten more missing sets of twins have been moved to Bavaria where the 'autops protocols' were due to start in ten days. On arriving in Munich, Cockran and McGarry make an alliance with an unlikely source and they lead them to a sinister Nazi clinic in Bavaria. Can they save the twins and expose the project that has been undertaken? The story revolves around the controversial issue of eugenics, which is the science of improving the population by controlled breeding for desirable inherited characteristics. Winston Churchill once supported sterilization of mental defectives as a method of securing their release from state institutions in 1910-12. Even though Britain never passed these laws 26 US states passed the law for the compulsory sterilization and through the 1930's 35,878 men and women were sterilized or castrated. The Nazis adopted the policy in 1933 when they gained power. The story based around the issues and the power that certain individuals had and the secrets they kept are immense. The writings again are easily read and understood , the thought provoking issues raised will question your beliefs and will touch your emotions. An excellent read and brilliant follow up novel to the Parsifal Pursuit. A very clever title The Gemini Agenda, obviously Gemini being the sign of the twins.